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Chor. Buitenland. 2018. // Catalaanse Dansen 2018. Of Partner Dansen 2018.
Met (NL) stepsheet.
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2019Dansvideo + DanssheetChoreograafArtiestMuziekCounts
Cross My Heart Marja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenCato SandenCross My Heart32/2
If I Had Any Pride Left At All Marja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenJohn BerryIf I Had Any Pride Left At Al32/403-06-2019
Don’t Go Back To Sleep Dj DanPatty Booker & Jann BrowneDon’t Go Back To Sleep.64/202-06-2019
Hello Mr Dj Tonnie VosRobert MizzellHello Mr Dj32/4
I Can See It In Your Eyes Dj DanJoni HarmsI Can See It In Your Eyes.64/222-05-2019
The Same Ole Me Leen HageJohnny BushThe Same Ole Me.32/415-05-2019
Everything You Mean To Me Wil BosBrent LambThe Greatest Love I’ve Ever Known.32/213-05-2019
1983…Greetje Gebbeken
& Lydia Beerling
Ramblin’ Boots198364/402-05-2019
Smokin’ Cigarettes Marja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenRandall KingSmokin’ Cigarettes64/402-05-2019
Mister Wrong Marja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenThe Bellamy BrothersMr. Wrong.32/202-05-2019
Roller Coaster Ride Wil Bos & ChungBrent LambRoller Coaster.32/4
If Only Your Eyes Could LieMarja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenAaron Tippin .If Only Your Eyes Could Lie32/425-04-2019
Underrated Daisy SimonsMeghan PatrickUnderrated.48/423-04-2019
One of these nightsTonny VosThe Sunny CowgirlsOne of these nights.64/222-04-2019
Wandering EyesMawayaniRonnie McDowellWandering Eyes.64/417-04-2019
I Need A Margarita JOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Clay WalkerI Need A Margarita.32/217-04-2019
Hung Up On YouMarja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenLuke DickensHung Up On You.32/415-04-2019
Colorado WaltzDj DanSeth TurnerA Cowboy Song.48/403-04-2019
Yes M’am, No M’am Ria VosMorgan Wallen I Ever Get You Back.48/4
Out Of This TownYannick WoutersGeorge CanyonOut Of This Town. .64/228-03-2019
Your SoldierJeff Camps & Roy VerdonkHigh Valley .“Soldier”32/427-03-2019
Old dixie highwayArthur van HoutenThe bellamy brothersOld dixie highway32/415-03-2019
Heavenly CreatedRia VosThomas Rhett,Look What God Gave Her48/410-03-2019
Magnifico MexicoJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Marty RiversMagnifico Mexico64/207-03-2019
Less Is MoreMarja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenReverie LaneLess Is More32/405-03-2019
Afraid Of Losing You AgainFrancien SittropHeidi Hauge I’m So Afraid of Losing You Again32/4
Pick Me Up JOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Aoif McDonaghPick Me Up On Your Way Down32/427-02-2019
Perfume and DiamondsFrancien SittropCody JohnsonNothin’ On You48/226-02-2019
Tell Me WhyDaisy SimonsWynonnaTell Me Why64/222-02-2019
WomanWil BosFlorida Georgia feat. Jason DeruloWomen48/222-02-2019
If I Could Change The WorldWil BosDick Van Altena & Billy YatesIf I Could Change The World With a Song32/422-02-2019
Music In My HeartMarja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenMichael EnglishMusic In My Heart32/218-02-2019
One Love Song Marja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenMichaela Anne Feat. Sam OutlawOne Love Song64/407-02-2019
A Little Left OverDaisy SimonsVince GillA Little Left Over32/403-02-2019
Teenage WeddingGeertuida W.V.Emmylou HarrisC'est La Vie, You Never Can Tell,64/201-02-2019
Tell Me What You ThinkGeertuida W.V.Vince GillTell Me What You Think
You always make me feel good Tonny VosTed And HelenYou always make me feel good32/421-01-2019
Your Cold, Cold HeartJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Alan Gregory Cold cold heart32/410-01-2019
Lonely For You Only George de BaatMidland“Lonely For You Only”32/409-01-2019
I DoMarja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenDerek RyanI Do48/407-01-2019
JealousyMarja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenJoni Harms Jealousy64/405-01-2019
The Best Thing A.J WhiteRicky Van SheltonThe Best Thing Goin32/405-01-2019

Op deze tabel ***Choreografen NL/BE 2018 Country***  kan u op Dansnaam of Choreograaf zoeken.
2018.Dansvideo + DanssheetChoreograafArtiestMuziekCounts
Who Needs MexicoWil BosMason James

Who Needs Mexico64/2
Apparently NotFrancien SittropBuck Ford

Apparently not64/414-12-2018
The Were RightJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars) Gayla Earlene

They were right32/414-12-2018
Me and JackyJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Ernest Ray Everett

Me and Jacky64/214-12-2018
The Boy With The Gun Ria VosDavid Nail & The Well Ravens

The Gun32/2
Hey Ho Set Me FreeDj DanGeorge McAnthony

Turn Me Loose .56/416-11-2018
Missing MerleJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Dale Watson & Ray Benson
Feelin’ Haggard.32/412-11-2018
I Still DoJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Joni Harms
I still do.32/212-11-2018
Roller CoasterConny van DongenLuke Bryan
Roller Coaster32/410-11-2018
Take This Country BackArthur van HoutenJohn Anderson & Vince Gill
Thake this country back68/409-11-2018
River Of TearsJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Highway 101
River Of Tears48/209-11-2018
Didn't We TryTonnie VosDallas Wayne
We never killed each other32/404-11-2018
Like A Rainy Sunday MorningJoran van der NollJason Aldean
You Make It Easy48/204-11-2018
The Last WordMarja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenDolly Parton
The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me48/404-11-2018
Asleep at the WheelFrancien SittropBo Walton & Nik Kershaw
Asleep at the Wheel72/427-10-2018
The Same Eyes Drove Me CrazyGeorge de BaatCharlie Pride
The Same Eyes That Always Drove Me Crazy32/218-10-2018
Big John LawDaisy SimonsBuck Owens
John Law68/417-10-2018
Then It's Love *Marja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenMichael EnglishThen It's Love64/415-10-2018
Bright Lights And Country Music Marja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenOlivia DouglasBright Lights And Country Music64/408-10-2018
I Miss You Most Of AllMarja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenStuart MoylesMy Shoes Keep Walking Back To You32/404-10-2018
Shiny EyesDwight MeessenShane OwensShiny Eyes32/402-10-2018
Then Here Came Monday*Leen HageDwight YoakamThen Here Came Monday64/427-09-2018
I’ll Just Take TheseJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Dwight YoakamI’ll just take these32/421-09-2018
Roll On(N)*Paul VeeninkToni WilléRoll On32/218-09-2018
Wild FeathersLeen HageThe Wild FeathersWildfire64/412-09-2018
Five Minutes MoreArthur van Houten & Tonnie VosThe OutlawsFive Minutes More32/408-09-2018
Only With YouMawayaniThe MavericksDance In The Moonlight32/408-09-2018
Neon Tandj DanBobby MarquezNeon Tan48/401-09-2018
A Long Time ForgottonJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Country RoadsA Good Hearted Woman (Radio Version)
That Old River TownDj DanTroy Cassar River Town32/420-08-2018
Beneath Still WatersJOJO TeamEmmylou HarrisBeneath Still Waters32/220-08-2018
Have I Told YouJOJO TeamElizma TheronHave i told you lately, that I love you.32/220-08-2018
As She Loves Me *JOJO TeamWill CarterAs long as she lovin me.32/420-08-2018
Both Be On Our Waydj DanJerry KilgoreBoth Be On Our Way32/414-08-2018
I Feel Like Goin' HomeWil Bos & Hyunji ChungJohnny ReidI Feel Like Goin' Home96/203-08-2018
Keeping SecretsRia VosTrace AdkinsSomething's Going On32/402-08-2018
A Lonesome Fugitive JOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)James WesleyI’m a lonesome fugitive.32/401-08-2018
Stranger things happened *JOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)George StraitStranger things have happened32/401-08-2018
Once A DayHenk van LubeekMike DenverOnce A Day64/227-07-2018
Ain't Got One Honky tonkLeen HagenJerry KilgoreAin't Got No Honky tonk32/417-07-2018
Friends In HellGreywolf & Wiya WambliDallas Wayne
Alt: Adam Brand
Hoedown In Hell
Alt: Lifetime Friends
Can You Hear ThemGreywolf & Wiya WambliIsla GrantThe Ghosts Of Culloden64/216-07-2018
I Got YouDaisy SimonsJohnny BradyI Got You32/415-07-2018
Loose TalkHenk van LubeekCarlene Carter & Carl SmithLoose Talk32/413-07-2018
Gotta Be Puttin Me On *LTD TuckerMax T BarnsYou Gotta Be Puttin Me On64/413-07-2018
So Many Miles *A.J.WhiteKieran Kane Somebody’s Darling32/406-07-2018
Got Me WonderingMawayaniFlaco JimenezYou’ve got me wondering32/401-07-2018
Coward Of The CountyStafke PeetersKenny RogersMy Cadillac40/430-06-2018
My CadillacDj DanWill ClaaseMy Cadillac64/223-06-2018
Want To Stroll Over Heaven With YouJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Alan JacksonWant To Stroll Over Heaven With You32/422-06-2018
Tears In My Eyes JOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)The OutlawsTears In My Eyes32/416-06-2018
Lookin For A Girl *LTD TuckerMax T Barns & Lisa StanleyLookin For A Girl32/415-06-2018
Steamboat RideLTD TuckerMax T BarnsSteamboat32/215-06-2018
Like It Or Not *LTD TuckerBo WaltonI Like It Like That64/415-06-2018
The Only Love *George de BaatVince Gill
“The Only Love”32/413-06-2018
Hello Mr. HeartacheJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Evan O’Donnell
Hello Mr. Heartache.64/213-06-2018
Forget Your Troubles versie 2.1JOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)The OutlawsForget your troubles tonight.
When I’m out tonight Erica de VaanDave SheriffWhen I’m out tonight32/430-05-2018
Walkin’ inArthur van HoutenTracy ByrdWalkin’ In32/419-05-2018
I'm Gonna get a lifeTonnie VosJim BuckleyGonna get a life32/219-05-2018
To Know Himdj DanJill JohnsonTo Know Him Is To Love Him32/416-05-2018
Shake Like JelloJoJo Team : (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Shake Like JelloGirls, Guns & Glory56/216-05-2018
Goodbye TearsGreywolf & Wiya WambliHank Williams SR & JR
Doug Seegers
There`s A Tear In My Beer
There`ll Be No Teardrops Tonight
Memphis *Marja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenJohnny ReidMemphis64/407-05-2018
1000 Miles From HomeJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Catherine Britt46 miles from Alice48/229-04-2018
Starts With A Blank PageMarja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenJohnny ReidBlank Page48/429-04-2018
I'll Be Home SoonJef Camps, Jo Kinser & John KinserCraig MorganI’ll Be Home Soon34/228-04-2018
Dutch Outlaw Linedancing.nlWaylon“Outlaw in ‘Em”40/420-04-2018
I Can't Stop Loving YouIvonne VerhagenKeith UrbanI Can't Stop Loving You48/220-04-2018
MillionaireEsmeralda v.d. PolChris StapeltonMillionaire32/419-04-2018
Slow Roll ItEsmeralda v.d. PolGord BamfordSlow Roll It32/218-04-2018
Just A Country Boy Marja Urgert, Jan van TiggelenBo WaltonJust A Country Boy64/207-04-2018
Believe Me, If I LiedJoJo Team : (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Billy YatesWould you believe me if I lied
Weak Or StrongJoJo TeamMartina McBrideI’m gonna love you through it.

Let’s Turn Back In TimeJoJo TeamMike DenverLets Turn Back The Years
Underneath These StarsJef Camps (BE) & Heather BartonLee Brice"American Nights"
57 ChevroletStafke PeetersMary Duff57' Chevrolet
This Is Your MemoryStafke PeetersTony JacksonDo I Ever Cross Your Mind
Adventure 45Ria Vos & José Miguel Belloque VaneLeaving ThomasBest Adventure
Not Your One Night Stand Tonnie VosThilly FrankNot your one night stand
Indalo ShuffleIvonne VerhagenDwight YoakamGuitars Cadillac's
Chances areJOJO Team (Joke Mozes & John Warnars)Lee Ann WomackChances are
Until ThenLeen HageCarly GoodwinUntil Then

The Leavin' SideThe JoJo-TeamCarlene CarterThe Leavin' Side

Feels Like Love *Marja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenLisa McHughFeels Like Love

Your Time's ComingTonnie VosDallas Wayne & Willie NelsonYour Time's Coming

Slip Around with MeJOJO TeamJann BrownThe On You Slip Around With Me

Let's Leave The Lights On TonightMarja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenRoly DanielsLet's Leave The Lights On Tonight
One LoveJOJO TeamCarlene CarterOne Love32/202-02-2018
Sms Is A Great ThingTonnie VosConny LeeSms32/202-02-2018
Tonight It's Just MeLambert en MarleenAmber NicholsonTonight It's Just Me64/416-01-2018
My Sweet Senorita JOJO TeamBilly McCoy & Kathy LeeLouisa64/216-01-2018
Shake Your Boots *Speedy C.Dale Watson.‘Fly Away’32/213-01-2018
Pop A Top AgainStafke PeetersAlan JacksonPop A Top44/412-01-2018
Waylon & WillieGreywolf & Wiya WambliTed I Love Waylon & Willie64/212-01-2018
Take A Ride In The Country With MeTonnie VosBen StenekerTake A Ride In The Country With Me32/406-01-2018
I Couldn't Leave You If I TriedMarja Urgert & Jan van TiggelenScooter LeeI Couldn't Leave You If I Tried64/203-01-2018


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